MOMILANI RAMSTRUM is a hybrid musician - a composer, performer and a musicologist. She is also an opera trained singer, PD programmer, and interface designer. Her compositions include an adaptation of Chekhov's comic story "Romance with a Double Bass," for bass, narrator and animation. In "Grass, Metal, Water," she performed with a dance troupe, doing vocal improvisation and controlling DSP with a Radio Baton. CyberLife, a one-act, multi-media opera, combines a live ensemble with 3D animation and electronic music. As a musicologist she investigates the impact of technology on music. She authored a DVD-ROM From Kafka to K.... published by IRCAM which documents and analyzes Manoury's electronic opera K... . She wrote a chapter in Simoni's Analyzing Electroacoustic Music, published by Routledge. Dr. Ramstrum is Associate Professor of Music at Mesa College where she directs the music theory program.