Welcome to The Note Trainer.

Practice with the Note Trainer modules to improve your note reading skills. In these timed tests when a note appears on the staff, type in the note name and press enter. In tests 1-5 you will name 60 notes in FIVE minutes to complete the test. In tests 6-10 you will name 100 notes in FIVE minutes. You must get 90% complete and 90% accurate to pass. If not, retake the test as many times as needed. When you have passed, print the final page for each test required by your instructor and hand it in for credit.

For Basic Musicianship students and Theory students - do test #4 or #9 as listed in your schedule. Print out the final page and hand it in for credit by due date in the schedule. Practice with the other tests as needed.

1. Treble Staff
2. Bass Staff

3. Grand Staff (no ledger lines)
4. Grand Staff (with ledger lines)
5. Grand Staff (ledger lines only)

6. Treble Staff faster
7. Bass Staff faster

8. Grand Staff faster (no ledger lines)
9. Grand Staff faster (with ledger lines)
10. Grand Staff faster (ledger lines only)

Video Editing links Tutorials on Imovie 9 and how to get Imovie 6